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The Ways To Increase Your Eman and Faith in Islam

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum All brothers and sisters.

Yesterday I have posted a very short post about “An Awesome And Very Beautiful Quran Recitation, Everybody Must Hear…” Today I will post about the ways to increase your Eman.
According to wikipedia Iman is “Iman (Arabic: إيمان‎) is an Islamic term usually translated as belief or faith and is often used to refer to the strength of conviction in a Muslim. This refers to faith in Islam requiring a “belief in the unseen,” and one who has such faith is called a mu’min. It constitutes the six Articles of faith which were delineated along with the Five Pillars of Islam in the famous hadith involving the angel Jibreel (Gabriel).

Iman is one of the three dimensions of the Islamic religion (Ara. ad-din): Islam, iman and ihsan. Following after Islam comes iman or “faith,” which refers to ‘true commitment’ to God. According to the Qur’an (49:14 read quran online), it is possible to have one and not yet the other: “Do not say ‘we have accepted faith’; rather say ‘we have accepted Islam,’ for faith has not yet entered your hearts.”"

So I think now you know what Iman or Eman is. I don’t  want to make my description longer, I would like to go forward to the main part of the post.

Here you go:

1.Say your prayer or Salah regularly to increase your Eman.
2.Read the Holy Quran everyday whenever you get time.
3.Listen to Quran recitation.
4.Try to gain some knowledge about Islam everyday and let other people know what you have gained.
5.Every time remember Allah and do dhikr to protect yourself from shaitan. 
6.Try to help the poor.
7.Be content with whatever Allah gave you.
8.Read the books which are about Islamic histories to learn about the previous days of Islam.
9.Whenever you see any Muslim say Salaam.
10.Everytime before doing anything remember that Allah is watching you.
11.Give Zakat, Because Zakat is the great system for social welfare and social justice.
12.Make yourself engage in Dhikr.
13.Always trust in Allah, make yourself belief that Allah exists.
14.Try to read one Islamic article daily.
15.Do something special for Islam and Muslims. Example: Make Mosque.
16.Try to give food to those people who can’t buy foods.
17.Always behave well with everybody (Also with Non-Muslims).
18.Eat and drink Halal foods.
19.Whenever you get time try to recite Durudh.
20.Never try to cheat people.
21.Help those people who are in a great need of help.
22.Make a good relationship with your neighbours.
23.Try to donate in Islamic funds.
24.Build up your mind according to Quran and Sunnah.
25.Never try to do Haram works, because it will drive you through Jahannam (Hell)
26.Everytime fear Allah.
27.Whenever you make any promise, fulfill them.
28.Never be greedy.
29.Never wish to harm anyone.
30.Believe in the existence of Angels.
31.To believes that all the prophets are true.
32.Never compare between prophets.
33.Believe the existence of Jannah.
34.Believe the existence of Jahannam.
35.Try to be honest.
36.Love Muhammed(PBUH) and the other prophets.
37.Never become angry.
38.Everytime try to abstain from backbiting, lies, vulgar words, cursing etc.
39.Pay Sadaqatul Fitr at perfect time.
40.Fast in the month of Ramadhan.
41.Try to perform the Hajj whenever you are able to perform.

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