Thursday, March 10, 2011

Online Quran Recitation with Ease for Your Betterment

Online Quran Recitation with Ease for Your Betterment

Doing Quran recitation is the religious duty of every Muslim.  In saheed Sunnah, it is encouraged to do the recitation of Quran in a melodious voice by the quran reciter by making the voice more melodious and interesting. Reading quran and Making it melodious does not mean that it should be made more in singing tone but once should at least recite and read quranic Arabic in a good tone so that he/she himself feels good while listening to it and others also feel good while listening to it.

Sahih Hadith says” “Allah never listens to anything as He listens to a Prophet with a beautiful voice reciting the Qur’an out loud”. This shows the importance of the Quran recitation in a melodious voice.  Further, in another Hadith it is mentioned that, “He is not one of us who does not recite Qur’an in a melodious voice when reciting it out loud.”

Some Hadith shows that Quran recitation does not simple encompass recitation for the sake of fulfilling the duty, but it includes fulfillment of the duty with interest and harmony.  It is always soothing to hear a melodious Quran recitation. Internet has made this even easier by providing beautiful online Quran recitation, which can be accessed from all over the world.

No matter which Qari (the one recited Quran) you would like to listen to quran, is it Ghamdi, Sudais, Shuraim or any other, you will find online Quran recitation in his voice on internet. You can improve your Tilawat/recitation by listening to him. This is the best way to even improve your Tajweed.  Online Quran recitation is for your ease and betterment.  Make sure you benefit from it.


To feel the lightning of the Islam all the Muslim should practice and read quran online along with the teachings of Islam because when ever we listen to quran a feeling of true guidance comes upon in our heart that it is the word of Allah

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