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He repented from going to night clubs but he owes money on his bill – what should he do?

He repented from going to night clubs but he owes money on his bill – what should he do?
A person used to go a night club, but he did not pay his bill because he left that place suddenly as the result of a riot in the club. What should he do now that he has repented and no longer goes to these places at all?.

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Praise be to Allaah.

We praise
Allaah for having enabled you to repent, and we ask Allaah to make your
repentance sincere and cause you to regret what you have done and make you
resolve never to go back to it. 

If the money
that a person owes is for something permissible such as buying food or
renting a house, then he has to pay the money that he owes to those who are
entitled to it. But in your case, because what you did was haraam, the owner
of the nightclub has no right to your wealth, and you should not benefit
from the money owed to him either. 

Hence you
should give this money in charity to other people. 

In the
answer to question no. 4642 we
stated that Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen issued a similar fatwa to one who had his
beard shaved – which is haraam – and did not pay the barber for shaving his

This is what
you should do if it will not result in harm for you. But if they know you
and refer your case to the courts and they make you pay them, then pay them,
and they will be the ones who are sinning because of taking it from you, and
you do not have to give charity if they take it from you. 

And Allaah
knows best.

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