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What is the meaning of Allaah’s name al-Muqeet?


What is the meaning of Allaah’s name al-Muqeet (The Ever All-Able, All-Witness)?

Praise be to Allaah. 

Jareer mentioned a number of opinions concerning the meaning of this name:
al-Muqeet means al-Hafeez (the Protector), al-Shaheed (the Witness),
al-Hasab (the Sufficient), the One Who is in control of all things. He
thought that the last interpretation is the correct one.

is al-Muqeet, i.e., the Protector, the Witness, the One Who is Able to do
all things.

is the Preserver, the Omnipotent, the Witness; He is the One Who sends
down provision to His creatures and shares it out among them.

is the Sustainer; He is taking care of all living beings, for when He
causes parts of them to die over time, He compensates for that. At every
moment He gives them what they need to survive, until He wills to put an
end to their life – then He withholds what keeps them alive, and so they

reports give the name al-Mugheeth instead of al-Muqeet. Al-Mugheeth is
interpreted as meaning the Helper, for He helps His slaves at times of
difficulty when they call upon Him; He answers them and saves them. It
also has the meaning of the One Who responds and the One Who is called
upon. Ighaathah [help] refers to actions and istijaabah [responding]
refers to words, but they may be used interchangeably.

al-Qayyim said:

is the Helper of all His creatures, and He responds to those who are

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