Friday, August 19, 2011

The meaning of Allaah’s name al-Musawwir


What is the meaning of Allaah’s name al-Musawwir (the Fashioner, the Bestower of forms)?

Praise be to Allaah. 

is the Bestower of forms. His creation is as is He wills, and He is
the One Who formed and gave shape to all that exists. He has given everything
its own form and distinct shape, even though His creation is so great
and so varied. He has bestowed forms, not by way of copying – glorified
and exalted be He far above such a thing.

He wills a thing, He merely says to it “Be!” and it is, with the attributes
that He wills and the form that He has chosen for it. He does what He
wills and creates what He wills in the form that He wills.

scholars differentiated between al-Khaaliq (the Creator), al-Baari’
(the Maker) and al-Musawwir (the Bestower of forms) as follows:

(the Creator) is the One Who created from nothing all creatures that
exist, according to their decreed qualities.

is the One Who made man from al-baraa,
i.e., clay.

is the One Who creates various forms and shapes.

al-Khaaliq is a general word, al-Baari’ is more specific and al-Musawwir
is even more specific.

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