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Riyad as-Salihin - On the prohibition against spying - SunniPath Library - Hadith

Chapter: On the prohibition
against spying


Allah Almighty says, "And do not spy on one another,"

and the Almighty says, "And those who abuse believing men and
woman, when they have not merited it, bear the weight of slander and clear


1570. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him
and grant him peace, said, "Beware of suspicion. Suspicion is the falsest kind
of speech. Do not spy or pry. Do not be rivals nor envy one another. Do not hate
one another nor show enmity to one another. Be slaves of Allah, brothers, as you
have been commanded to be. The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim. He does not
wrong him nor disappoint him nor despise him. Godfearing is here," and he
pointed to his chest. "It is enough evil for a man that he should despise his
Muslim brother. The blood, honour and property of every Muslim is sacred to
another Muslim. Allah does not look at your bodies nor your forms, but He looks
at your hearts and your actions."

In one variant, "Do not envy one another nor hate one another nor spy nor pry
nor bid against one another to raise the price and be slaves of Allah,

In one variant, "Do not cut one another off nor show enmity to one another.
Do not hate one another nor envy one another. Be slaves of Allah, brothers.

In one variant, "Do not separate from one another nor should any of you sell
against the sale of someone else." [Muslim has all of these variants and
al-Bukhari has some.]

1571. Mu'awiya said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and
grant him peace, say, 'If you seek out the faults of the Muslims, you will
corrupt them, or are about to corrupt them.'" [Abu Dawud]

1572. Ibn Mas'ud reported that a man was brought to him and it was said to
him, "This is so-and-so and he has drops of wine on his beard." He said, "We
were forbidden to pry, but if something is clear to us, then we punish for it."
[Abu Dawud]

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