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Riyad as-Salihin - On the prohibition against lying Hadith

Chapter: On the prohibition
against lying


Allah Almighty says, "Do not pursue what you have no knowledge

and the Almighty says, "He does not utter a single word
without a watcher by him, pen in hand."


1542. Ibn Mas'ud stated that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and
grant him peace, said, "Truthfulness leads to piety and piety leads to the
Garden. A man should be truthful until he is written down as truthful with
Allah. Lying leads to deviance and deviance leads to the Fire. A man will lie
until he is written down as a liar with Allah." [Agreed upon]

1543. 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr is that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant
him peace, said, "If anyone has four characteristics, he is a pure hypocrite,
and if anyone has one of them, he has an aspect of hypocrisy until he gives it
up: whenever he is trusted, he betrays his trust; whenever he speaks, he lies;
when he makes an agreement, he breaks it; and when he quarrels, he deviates from
the truth by speaking falsely." [Agreed upon]

1544. Ibn 'Abbas reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him
peace, said, "Anyone who relates a dream which he has not really had will have
to tie a knot between two grains of barley and will not be able to do it. Anyone
who listens to people talking when they do not want him to, will have molten
lead poured into his ears on the Day of Rising. Anyone who makes an image will
be punished and have to breath a spirit into it but will not be able to do it."

1545. Ibn 'Umar reported said that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant
him peace, said, "The worst of lies is when a man says his eyes have seen
something which they have not seen." [al-Bukhari]

It means that he says he has dreamt what he did not dream.

1546. Samura ibn Jundub said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him
and grant him peace, would often say to his Companions, 'Who among you had a
dream last night?' Then anyone who Allah willed would recount his dream. One
morning he said to us, 'During the night two men came to me and said to me,
"Come on!" So I went with them. We came to a man who was lying on his back while
another man was standing over him with a stone which he dropped onto his head
and crushed it. Then the stone rolled away from him and he went after the stone
to retrieve it. When he returned to him, his head was whole again and had become
as it had been in the first place. So he went back and hit him as he had done
the first time. I said to them, "Glory be to Allah! Who are these two?" They
said, "Go on! Go on!" We went on and came to a man lying on his back and there
was another man standing over him with an iron hook. He went to one side of his
face and cut open the side of his mouth until it reached the back of his neck
and then his nostril to the back of his neck and his eye to the back of his
neck. Then he moved to the other side and did the same thing as he had done to
first side. When he finished that side, the first side had become whole again.
Then he did the same thing all over again." He said, 'I said, "Glory be to
Allah! Who are these two?" They said to me, "Go on! Go on!" and we went on until
we came upon something like an oven.'" I think he said, "'In it was a babble and
shouting. We looked down into it and it contained naked men and women. The
flames would come at them from underneath, and when those flames reached them,
they cried out. I said, "Who are they?" They said, "Go on! Go on!" and we went
on until we came to a river.'" I think that he said, "'Red like blood. In the
river there was a man swimming and on the bank of the river was a man who had
many stones with him. When that swimmer swam and reached the one who had
gathered the stones, he force his mouth open and make him swallow a stone. Then
he would begin to swim and would come back to him again. Whenever he came back
to him, he forced open his mouth and made him swallow a stone. I said to them,
"Who are these two?" They said to me, "Go on! Go on!" and we went on until we
came to a man with a repulsive appearance - or the most repulsive man you have
ever seen. He was at a fire which he was kindling and which he was running
around. I said to them, "Who is this?' They said to me, "Go on! Go on!" and we
went on until we came to a green meadow with every type of spring flower in it.
There was in the middle of the meadow a man so tall that I could scarcely see
his head, so high it was in the sky. Around the man were the greatest number of
children I have ever seen. I said, "Who is this? Who are those?" They said to
me, "Go on! Go on!" and we went on until we reached a huge tree and I have never
seen any tree bigger or more beautiful than it. They said to me, "Climb it." We
climbed it and came to a city built of gold and silver bricks. We came to the
door of the city and asked for it to be opened and it was opened for us and we
entered it. We were met by men half of whose physique was the most beautiful you
have ever seen and the other half was the ugliest you have ever seen. The two
said to them, "Go and plunge into that river." There was a wide river flowing
there whose water was pure white. They went and jumped into it and when they
returned to us, that evil had left them and they had the most beautiful form.'
He said, 'They said to me, "This is the Garden of Eden, and that is your place."
I raised my eyes upwards and there was a castle like a white cloud. They said to
me, "This is your place." I said to them, "May Allah bless you, let me enter
it." They said, "No, not now. But you will enter it." I said to them, "This
night I have seen marvels, but what are these things which I have seen?'" They
said to me, "We will tell you. The first man to whom you came whose head was
being crushed with the stone is a man who memorised the Qur'an and then
abandoned it and slept through the obligatory prayers. As for the man you came
to whose jaw was split to his neck, whose nostril to his neck and whose eye to
his neck, he was a man who went from his house and told lies which spread
everywhere. As for the naked men and women who were in something like an oven,
they were adulterers and adulteresses. The man you came to who was swimming in
the river and being made to swallow stones used to consume usury. The man with
the disagreeable appearance who was at the fire, kindling it and running around
it was Malik, the guardian of Jahannam. The tall man in the meadow was Ibrahim.
The children who were around him are all those who were born and died in the
natural state. [The variant of al-Barqani has, 'born in the natural state.']'"

One of the Muslims asked, "Messenger of Allah, the children of the idolaters
as well?" The Messenger of Allah said, "The children of the idolaters as well."
'"As for the people who were half beautiful and half ugly, they are the people
who mixed righteous actions with evil actions. Allah overlooked them."'"

In one of the variants of al-Bukhari, "But in the night I dreamt that two men
came to me and took me by the hand and brought me to the Holy Land." Then he
mentioned it and said, "We went on until we came upon a hole like an oven. Its
top was narrow and its bottom wide, and there was a fire kindled under it. When
the flames flared up, the people were lifted until they were almost out and when
it subsided, they returned into it. It contained naked men and women." In it is,
"until we came to a river of blood in the middle of which there was a man
standing together with another man carrying some stones in front of him. The man
in the river came forward and when he tried to get out, the other man threw a
stone into his mouth and he went back to where he had been before. Whenever he
tried to get out, the other would throw a stone in his mouth and he would go
back to where he had been before." In it is, "The two men made me climb the tree
and took me into a house which was more beautiful than any I had ever seen. In
it were some old men, young men, women and children." In it is, "As for the one
you saw whose jaw was being torn open, he was liar who told lies that were
relayed from him until they spread everywhere. So that is what will be done to
him until the Day of Rising," and "The man you saw whose head was being crushed
was someone to whom Allah had taught the Qur'an who used to sleep without
reciting it at night and did not act by it during the day. That will be done to
him until the Day of Rising." And, "The first house you entered was the house of
the generality of believers. This house is the house of those killed fighting in
the way of Allah. I am Jibril and this is Mika'il. Raise your head." I raised my
head and above me was something like a cloud. They said, "This is your destined
place." I said, "Let me enter my place." They said, "You still have some of your
life left which has not been completed. If it were complete, you would have come
to your place."

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