Thursday, March 10, 2011

Online Quran Reading Using This Contemporary Media For Your Betterment



Online Quran reading is a great facility provided by the contemporary technology to the Muslims. Quran reading is the part of a Muslim’s life, which can neither be ignored nor be compromised at. This is an obligation on Muslims from their Lord and hence, it has to be fulfilled in any case.

The modern technology has made it little easier for Muslims, to make Quran, a part of their daily lives, through online Quran reading. From this obligation, everyone can imagine and make out how important is Quran for Muslims.

Due to changing latest politics in the world, Quran has been severe target of non- Muslims. Especially after the 9/11 attacks, the tussle between Muslims and non- Muslims changed its shape and became more prominent. Non- Muslims believe that through attacking Quran, they are taking revenge from Muslims. This is the reason; they now wish to celebrate a day against Holy Quran.

Non- Muslims are celebrating an international ‘burn’ Quran day. This campaign has been launched on the social media websites. This is an immature act, because it would not produce any good result, but it will only broaden the gap between Muslims and non- Muslims. Islam is the religion of peace and thus, it believes to give respect to other religions and other people. The best answer to this call from Muslims to non-Muslims in this case would be through celebrating an international Quran reading day.

Online Quran reading is an important source to celebrate this day. Muslims brothers and sisters are requested to send these online Quran links to each other and recite more and more Quran. The answer to non- Muslims could not be better than this!

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