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Cosmos and cosmic language Part-II


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By Dr Ghayur Ayub

Cosmic language is based on the following non-related principles:

  • It is a language through which Nature (also known as Universe) communicates with individuals on a one-on-one basis.
  • It has limitless venues.
  • Coincidences play important role in its interpretation.
  • It hinges on signs and symbols.
  • Soul and heart play crucial role in it's perception.
  • It is linked with spirituality and paranormal phenomenons.
  • It can portray itself through theology.
  • It does not discard logic.
  • It can show up in orations.
  • Dreams can play role in its expression.

It conveys information through feelings, emotions and rationality but it may also convey info through actions.

Those who master this language can have prior knowledge about coming events as they understand the working of Nature (Universe, Cosmos). For Nature, the past, present and future is one long unit and its language makes it possible for those who understand it to read the future as they read the present or the past. They read Nature through signs and symbols without using scientific tools. These signs and symbols are translated as coincidences by many. Actually, Nature, communicates with all of us but we cannot interpret it readily. Cosmic language, in a way, is akin to the language of a toddler which is only understood by his mother. The mother understands his mood swings, looks and demands and manages to soothe him accordingly. Or it is like a lover who senses the pleasure or displeasure of his beloved without the exchange of a single word. Or even an experienced shopkeeper who can size up his customers and tell which person will leave without shopping.

This language is not communicative in the normal sense of wording. For example, normally we hear with the ears, smell with the nose, or recognize things by our sense of taste and touch. In other words, all that we perceive through our five senses and become intelligible to us are interpreted in one way or other as words in linguistics. The words in cosmic language are conveyed in the form of expressions with or without using the five senses. This aspect of perceiving communication independent of the five senses is also called the intuitive way and emerges as revelation or inspiration. In paranormal or spiritual terms, inspiration is linked with a greater awakening of the inner self known also as 'soul'. Through it, the hearing of a word comes from within and according to Master Inayat Khan is, 'expressed in the form of lines, colours, notes, words, or any other form'.

The deepest part of the soul is termed as 'heart' in spirituality and heart plays a pivotal role in understanding and expressing cosmic language. It is said "what is spoken from the lips reaches only as far as the ears, but what is spoken from the heart reaches the heart." This notion became the motto of 'The Newman Club' which states, "Heart Speaks To Heart". In other words cosmic language is the language of heart and people with enlightened hearts can learn, read and understand it. They say the soul of the enlightened one speaks even when he is apparently silent.

The deeper part of soul is explained well by Hunaism of Polynesia, which bifurcates the soul into Unipili and Uhane. The two are connected through channels called AKA. This linkage helps in creating harmony between nature and human thoughts, speech and actions. It is similar to the concepts of 'Muwwakals' in Sufism or 'Guardian Angels' in Christianity, which when controlled, bring coherence between the workings of nature and one's thought, speech and actions. The important part of this interaction helps spiritualists not only understand the knowledge of past, present and future, but in time of need, can control future happenings such as bringing rains or vice versa, stopping floods or vice versa and averting disasters or vice versa. Jane Robert's book 'The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events', mentions that human thoughts and feelings provide the steering currents of hurricanes and other storms.

All these and similar interactions are part of cosmic language, which makes it the most distinct and different language known to humans. The knower of this language believe that it is tied in with both the micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos. Since both are part of one cosmos, they are reflected in each other. Similarly, as humans are also part of the cosmos, every human becomes a reflection of cosmos. These mutual reflections can effect humans in various ways. For example, if a person in a pessimistic mood or in a disturbed condition expresses a wish for death, failure or any adverse happening, chances are, his wish will come true. That's why spiritualists and parapsychologists always stress on not wishing for bad things to happen. They recommend positive thinking.

One can go on inexhaustibly. The aim of this article is that Nature (Universe, Cosmos) is constantly communicating with us in its unique unstructured language called cosmic language. We do not understand this language because we never try to understand it. Some of us even do not acknowledge its existence. All we have to do is to find ways of reading it bit by bit in a very personalised manner simply by observing Nature from day to day, as if it is giving us signals. Once we comprehend the signals, we should then try to link them individually or collectively, with our aims, plans, feelings, emotions, and desires in our daily life for the good of ourselves and humanity. It is important to remember that whatever we plan or do in this way should not harm humanity. And very soon, Nature will start revealing itself through its language in a way we never saw or perceived before.

Finally, returning to what a Dervish told me many years ago, was indeed bewildering in every sense. It was related to the Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular. He said he could see/read great changes occurring in the Muslim world in the first quarter of the next century (21st century). These changes will transpire as a result of events occurring in one of the four countries – Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. He further said, the changes will be unprecedented and will spread to the rest of the Muslim world, toppling tyrant Muslim leaders and their oppressive regimes replacing them with the governments free of corruption and suppression. The changes will also revive original Islam of tolerance and understanding identical with the psyche of the people of the time. With these changes, Islam will become one of the major global powers in 21st century. What he said further was disillusioning. He said in the process of this change, the borders of Pakistan will change but the country will emerge as a leader of the Muslim world in global politics. Was he illustrating cosmic language or merely expressing his wishes; only time will tell. All I can say is that when the Egyptian revolution started taking shape, the words of the Dervish echoed in my mind. I asked myself; was I observing interpretation of Cosmic Language uttered over two decades ago?


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