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The Etiquettes of the Prophet (SAW)

3d.1. The Walk of the Prophet

Abu Hurairah (RA) said, "I did not see anyone walk faster than the Messenger of Allah. It was as if the earth folded for him. A few moments ago he would be here, and then there. We found it difficult to keep pace when we walked with him, and he walked at his normal pace." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

3d.2. The Eating and Drinking of the Prophet

Anas (RA) said, "The Messenger of Allah used to lick his three fingers after having eaten." (Shamai'l Tirmidhi)

Umar bin Abi Salamah (RA) came to the Messenger of Allah while food was being served to him. The Messenger of Allah said, "O my son come near, recite Bismillah, and eat with your right hand from that portion which is in front of you." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Amar bin Shu'ayb grandfather (RA) relates, "I had seen the Messenger of Allah drinking whilst standing and also whilst sitting." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Aisha (RA) said, "The drink most liked by the Messenger of Allah was that which was sweet and cold." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

3.d.3 The fragrance of the Prophet

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates, "The Messenger of Allah said, "The fragrance of a male is the fragrance which spread and is transparent, and the fragrance of a female is that which is colored and less fragrant." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

3.d.5 The smiling, laughing and jesting of the Prophet

Abdullah bin Harith (RA) reports, "I did not see anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Abdullah bin Harith (RA) relates, "The laugh of Allah's Messenger was but a smile." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Abu Huraira (RA) reports, "The Sahabah asked, "O Messenger of Allah, you joke with us? The Messenger of Allah replied, 'Yes, but only the truth." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Al-Hasan Al-Basri says that an old woman came to the messenger of Allah and made a request, O’ Messenger of Allah make Dua that Allah grants me entrance into Jannah. The messenger of Allah replied, O’ Mother, an old woman cannot enter Jannah. That woman started crying and began to leave. The messenger of Allah said, Say to the woman that one will not enter in a state of old age, but Allah will make all the women of Jannah young virgins. Allah Ta’aala says, Lo! We have created them a (new) creation and made them virgins, lovers, equal in age. (Surah Waaqi’ah, 35-37). (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Speech of the Prophet(SAW)

* He spoke a few words but was very precise and clear
* He was very patient so that everyone can understand
* He never spoke a word that could be misinterpreted or never spoke any foul words.

3.d.6 The devout worship of the Prophet

Al Mughirah bun Sh'bah (RA) reports, "The Messenger of Allah performed such lengthy night prayers, that his blessed legs would become swollen. The companions said, "You undergo such strife, when Allah has forgiven your past and future sins? He responded, 'Should I not be a grateful servant." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Hudhayfah bin al Yaman (RA) narrates, "I prayed the night prayer with the Prophet one night, and he read al Baqarah, al Nisa and Al Imran" (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Prophet (SAW) used to pray night prayers regularly. So He was used to it and trained to this kind of long prayers. So it was easy for him to do so.

3.d.7 The weeping of the Prophet

Abdulla bin Mas'ud (RA) said, "Allah's Messenger once asked me to recite the Qur'an to him. I said, "O Messenger of Allah, should I recite it to you when it has been revealed to you" Allah's Messenger responded, "I love to hear it from another person." Thereupon, I began reciting Surah Al Nisa. when I reached the ayah, "How when we bring of every person a witness, and We bring you (O Muhammd) a witness against them?' (Al Nisa:41), I saw tears flowing from both of his eyes." (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

Aisha (RA) narrates, "One night, Allah's Messenger kept repeating one ayah the whole night, and continued to weep. "If you should punish them- indeed they are your servant; but if you forgive them-indeed it is You who is the Exalted in Might, the Wise." (5:118) (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

3.d.8 The sleeping of the Prophet

Abu Qatadah (RA) narrates, "If Allah's Messenger (SAW) slept during the night, he slept on his right side. If he was only able to sleep a short while, he would raise his right arm and then sleep on it. " (Shama'il Tirmidhi)

The Character of the Prophet shall be published soon, insha Allah. tajweed quran onlien

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